A reseller account is designed for a company interested in reselling SignSimple to its clients. Sample resellers include POS companies, IT management companies, IT consultants, franchise management firms, or any other similar companies.

Create & Manage Separate Accounts For Your Clients

With a reseller account you can login to the Resellers Portal and add / manage your clients accounts separately.

Access Your Clients Accounts To Manage Their Signage

You can easily log into your clients accounts to create or manage their Digital Signage.

Create Unlimited End User Accounts

With the reseller account you can create additional user accounts for your companies employees to manage your clients.

No End Client Billing

Your clients will not see billing information on their accounts. You as the reseller will be billed directly for their accounts and can bill them as meets your business model.

Discount Pricing

Additional discounts may be provided for high volume reseller accounts. Additionally discounted service fees if you decide you need them.

Absolute Reliability

SignSimple runs on Amazon Web Services, the worlds most reliable and scallable cloud computing services company. Optimized for global distribution, with regular data backups, world class security, SignSimple guarantees absolute reliability.

Email to request a phone call to discuss or create an account to get started today.
Existing resellers can login here.