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SignSimple is Digital Signage for the Chromecast, Chromebit, Chromebox, Nexus Player, Android TV, and other browser based digital signage players!

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How Can SignSimple Help You?

We take care of designing & delivery, you just fill in the blanks!

Make Digital Signs With Ease!

Choose from tons of different templates and fill in the blanks to make awesome lookings signs.

There are lots of different templates for different purposes. Some play video, some have animations, others are static and look great!

Edit your signs at anytime, and see your signs update instantly everywhere they are playing!

Make Signs Using Our Easy To Use Templates!

Arrange Signs Together To Make Shows & Schedules

Put your signs together to make Shows and Schedules

Shows are a combination of signs that loop forever and ever. You can rearrange the show, adjust how long each sign plays, and the show will automatically update itself every hour or so.

Schedules are a combination of signs that loop forever and ever. You can adjust the time of day each sign displays and the schedule will automatically update itself every night at midnight.

Making a Show or Schedule!

Your Finished!!!

It's that easy!

Dislay your signage on the Google Chromebit. Or Embed it on your website. There are unlimited options for playing your show.

You have the URL for each show, so there is absolute flexiblity with SignSimple.

An Actual Show Created using SignSimple!

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